These cute little  puppies are bred in San Rafael, California. Dogs from our area return for formal harness training to the Oregon Guide Dog Campus.


Want to raise a puppy?  You'll receive your puppy at approximately eight weeks old, and he/she will return for formal training between 13 and 18 months old.


You will be responsible for teaching your puppy basic obedience, good house manners, and, above all, socializing him to the world.


We give our puppies love and stability, and in return they make us laugh each and every day.  The end result is pretty cool, too--you will be giving a visually impaired person the gift of freedom.


How on earth do you give them up????

It's easy!  Just kidding. We cry, sometimes a lot.  But think of it like sending a child off to college--you hope that they will be successful in life and find a partner to love. And, hey, anything really worth doing can be difficult at times, right?



People join our group for the puppies and the thought of helping others, but many volunteers end up making life-long friends.  If you can't commit to having a puppy in your home full time, there are other ways to get involved, such as puppy sitting.   Raise a puppy--change a life.  And the life you change is just as likely to be yours!


Guide Dogs for the Blind--Seattle Puppy Raisers

Non-profit.  All volunteer.  Cool people.  Adorable puppies.  Serious fun.